why kurts bars
why kurts bars

The Power of Oats!

Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars are an Oat-based high-energy food.

Our main ingredient delivers satisfaction on several fronts:

•Sustained Energy: With a lower glycemic index the rate of digestion is slower allowing for a steady source of fuel for longer durations.

•Digestibility: A fine complement to the rate of digestion is the ease of it as well; Kurt’s Bars go down easy and even under exertion can be enjoyed without upsetting the stomach. As an added benefit the resistant starches present within oats promote healthy gut flora.

•Palatability: They are delicious. A favorite quality of our customers.

How to get the most of Kurt's Bars

Kurt’s Energy and Endurance Bars were made to be versatile. A perfect way to fuel up prior to training or hold you over until your next meal.

Who's hungry?


  • Pre-training/Sporting Event: Enjoy one 30 minutes before warm-up.
  • Peri-training: Session length 90 minutes or more? Start eating another after an hour.
  • Post-training: Kurt’s Bars are a great way to replenish muscle glycogen and promote recovery. Be sure to include a healthy source of protein after training.


Office Champions:

  • Stomach talking so loud you can’t hear yourself think?
  • Kurt’s Bars are a great way to boost cognitive performance on top of meal replacement. Focus on finishing your tasks and keep hunger at bay.

Snack Time:

  • Got a sweet tooth?
  • Give yourself a healthier option that takes care of the cravings.