frequently asked questions

Q: Why Kurt’s Bars vs a Competitor?

A: Reputation and Relationship. The same passion of our origin story goes into each and every hand-crafted small batch of Kurt’s Bars delivering an exceptionally delicious and nutritious product. As a small business we have large ambitions to provide top-quality ingredients, taste, and performance; our customers know this and their trust is our promise. We are not simply “another” power bar, but a culture of active lifestyle advocates.

Q: Aren’t these a little high in Sugar?

A: Yes and No. By comparison, there may be more or less sugar than other products depending on their intended purpose. Our sugar serves a variety of important functions.

Kurt’s Bars were formulated with the right sugar content to provide exceptional flavor and sustained energy. Our sugars are organic and minimally processed to provide a quick and clean source of fuel for active individuals while making digestion an easy task.

These sources of sugar in combination with rolled oats are what create the “bread and butter” or “energy and endurance” qualities of Kurt’s Bars.

Q: Are Kurt's Bars keto-friendly?

A: No. Currently, we do not have any keto-friendly options, but R&D may have a surprise for us in the future.

Q: Are Kurt's bars vegan/gluten-free?

A: No. Currently, we do not have these options.

Q: I have a nut allergy, are Kurt's bars safe for me to eat?

A: Each of our recipes makes use of coconut in different forms. We currently only have one flavor in which we have added peanuts (in the form of peanut butter). Each flavor is manufactured in the same facility, where universal precautions are exercised to prevent cross-contamination.